Next Configuration

Next Configuration is about how recent American history seems to repeat itself, particularly the negative aspects that reappear time and time again. It is though same things are transmogrified to accommodate the new players involved each new time. The federal election provides the opportunity for the next configuration, new organization, or crew to run the United States deeper into the ground.

My research found a paid political ad from the Nixon era which meshes well with the present Obama era almost to the point of being almost an exact mirror image. We see similar corruption, lies, distortions, espionage, strong-arm tactics, bribery, payoffs, slush funds, and the rest. The main difference this time around is that some people died because of dereliction of duty and/or incompetence at the highest levels of the present government according to mass media reports.

This pseudo-political ad is purely a video exercise and is not to be construed in any way as endorsement for anybody. Based on information readily available and in the public domain accessible allowing everyone to draw their own conclusions about it. I created it to provide education and/or entertainment for you.