Icicle Seasons

Winter icicle seasons are result of  wild temperature fluctuations.
Winter icicle seasons happen from rapidly freezing combinations of thawing snow and rain.

Winter icicle seasons happen from freeze up followed by thaw, and then more frost, and this happens every year because of the countless snow storms bringing snow, rain, and freezing rain in various combinations and permutations.

My picture is a record of the latest combination of snow followed by rain and freezing rain coating
tree branches, power wires and everything else outside because of the wild temperature fluctuations we’ve had lately. This however, is not a testimony for the climate change crowd because winter happens
every year and it is never ever exactly the same or mirror image of the last and it never was.

What I like about my image is the glistening ice-covered tree branches morphing into stars when I focused and zoomed in my camera on the nearby icicles.

This is my contribution to this week’s WP weekly photo challenge “Seasons”.

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, and yes this image does seem to catch the spirit of the season
      of icicles very well.

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