Vampire Ball In Bowl

The vampire ball in bowl sat facing three mirror planes giving no reflection.
The vampire ball in bowl sat almost surrounded facing three mirror panes and no reflection was given.


The vampire ball in bowl sat there almost surrounded, facing, three mirror panes in front of it and true to its nature, there was no reflection of it given by the mirrors.

Just then I recalled those Hollywood’s Hammer Production  vampire movies with actors, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, that the undead gave no reflection when standing in front of mirrors I immediately knew the truth. Looking at this picture that I took earlier,  was probably Count Dracula’s glass orb or vampire ball.

It was a quick excursion, Sunday, to the eastern end of Montreal where the indoor flea market is open during the weekend, and both my friend and I had scant time to really look around the place however, what we managed to see was fascinating.

After a bit of looking around and with only less than ten minutes to go, I spotted the orb resting in that bowl near a statue of a black and gold Thai (I assume this) god or dancer  both sitting on some old-style oriental furniture so I quickly took my picture.

It was only after I started to edit my digital images at home  Sunday night, that I quickly grasped that perhaps what I was looking at was supernatural and then almost immediately that tune from the Twilight Zone got into my head.