Bus Time

 Bus time is always long compared to using a subway available just about everywhere else in North America.
Bus time is always long when travelling into downtown Montreal compared to using a subway.

Bus time is always long when travelling into downtown Montreal compared to doing the same using the metro or subway system that is available just about everywhere else (in big cities) in north america.

Our Quebec government has wasted more money in the last 30 years on independence referendums, extravagant futuristic looking olympic stadiums designed by foreigner architects, corrupt mob controlled construction companies doing shoddy infrastructure work on our roads and crumbling overpasses, a corruption commission that failed to do anything except increase mass media owners profits etc., than actually helping its citizens and the economy by expanding and improving our subway transportation system.

Corruption seems to be norm and politicians remain busy criminally exploiting the system to help themselves and their underworld buddies to our tax money, they want to keep it that way.

Every other day Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre and his city administration seem to find another scheme to usurp more tax money.  Mayor Denis, now a celebrity media sweetheart,  surfaces at regular intervals on popular mass media to announce his new scheme-de-jour  claiming  that it will help taxpayers and the city.

Likewise, the Quebec Cuilliard Liberal government imposes new austerity measures cutting much-needed critical social services, scrapping existing agreed upon public union labor agreements, and massively increasing the public tax burden meanwhile without any hesitation, hands out freebie billion dollars to big corporations like Bombardier owned by their rich buddies for little or nothing in return.

I took this picture recently when travelling on the bus during early morning traffic which was really heavy that particular morning, it is my contribution to this week’s WP photo challenge “TIME”.

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    1. It just captures that bus ride moment while sitting at back of the bus doesn’t it. Thank you for your comment!

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