Vibrant Pink Peony Et Al

A vibrant pink peony flower in a sea of multi-shades of green leaves.
This vibrant pink peony flower stands out nested in the dark green leaves surrounding it.

vibrant purple dainties

vibrant light purples
This vibrant pink peony flower stands out well nested in multi-shades of green leaves surrounding it.

In its full bloom towards the end of the summer these flowers or rather bunch of flowers bloom almost at once when there is plenty of sun and sufficient moisture provided by rainy days.

I really enjoy seeing the subtle shades of pink blooms when they happen and always take some pictures because they are so beautiful. During our long winter months these pictures brighten things up by reminding me of the summer that is quickly approaching..well, sort of!

Peonies are not the only vibrant flowers that give enjoyment to me, included are these two other types of flowers which unfortunately, I can’t name presently however, they did catch my attention for a picture. Both were summer residents of the Eastern Townships when I was visiting last summer.

These pictures are my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge “VIBRANT”.

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    1. Yes, these guys certainly are beauties in my garden and I love them. Thank you for your appreciation!

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