3rd Cybercat-Martian War

The 3rd Cybercat-Martian War started innocently enough when Mooshie, grand pooba of the Cyberfeline Empire asked Orb, ruler of Mars for katnipium, a mineral substance plentiful on Mars and Orb refused to sell any.

When Mooshie’s peaceful Cybercat representatives failed again after trying to negotiate a deal and then were ruffed up by Orb’s imperial guard, Mooshie was very offended. It was however, when the Martians zapped the representatives with high-power lasers that war began immediately.

For thousands of years the Cyberfeline Empire remained peaceful with all its neighbors after the terrible two previous inter-galactic wars that reduced hundreds of worlds to cosmic dust.

The carnage was so extensive that Star Wars pales in comparison however, Hollywood carefully suppressed all knowledge of it. Trying to describe it, well even I have a problem so you can imagine it yourself.

The first war was with the Zylon Empire, allies with the Martians, who obviously helped their buddies.

That one ended when all warring parties finally realized that there would be nothing left to destroy if they all continued their war so after some hurried negotiating it all ended. Active destruction ceased however, the embers for further war smoldered underneath.

The second Cybercat-Martian War started when Martian pirates hijacked a Cybercat interspace cargo ship and stole the supply of Dr. Ballard’s Variety-Pak onboard destined for the Canine Emirates.

These Martians then destroyed the ship and killed the captured crew microwaving them in a storage container.

This cruel act was quickly discovered by the Empire and Mooshie decided on retaliation knowing that only Mars was capable in doing this sort of heinous thing.

Soon after, Cybercat man-of-war cruisers attacked a fleet of Martian saucers heading back home from their Earth colony and afterwards bombed Martian cities with photon torpedoes and channeled EMP.