Montreal Total Circus Escadrille


The Montreal Total Circus Escadrille or “flying squad” (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon.

I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as Quartier-des-Spectacles adjacent to Place-des-Arts.

This is an area bounded by Saint Lawrence boulevard on the east, de Maisonneuve boulevard on the north and Rene Levesque boulevard on the south, and Park avenue on the west side.

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny with a bit of cloud, breezy day and while I waited for the next Jazz music act to happen this circus trapeze act right in the middle of it all caught my attention.

Watching the couple performing, I immediately put my tiny Panasonic digital video camera into action hoping to record it well.

While recording, I decided to try various new techniques to capture the two young acrobats, these you may notice when viewing the finished product.

Since this circus act was done outdoors it reminds us how it was in the good old days when the famous circus troupes operated.

To help instill a bit of nostalgia my brief black and white intro attempts to morph yesteryear to the present time. Enjoy the show folks!