2015 Wrap

2015 Wrap


Our 2015 wrap or  memoriam, begins with WP weekly photo challenge  post “Sign“, which meshed with the winter season happening  outside.  The image depicted set the stage  for the meat grinder 2015 later turned out to be.

Before, January ended our readers enjoyed another favorite WP  weekly photo challenge post, “Angular“, doubling their appetite for even more.

Next came, “Refraction“, which really excited nature lovers with a great picture of mallard ducks paddling away and their images reflecting off still lake water during Fall 2014.

In February, our “Symmetry” post spiked great response and it was quickly followed by our “Scale” post, where our little hitchhiker  really awed by our readers.

The ‘ides of March’ brought  “Wall”  giving our graffiti lovers goosebumps and their praise in their excitement after seeing some of Montreal’s street art.  March also brought us “Fresh out of Egg” thrilling our nature lovers again.

Technology got its blogosphere raves in April with “Drone Afloat” showing what is possible when we want it bad enough.

Architecture and urban planning lovers enjoyed “Enveloped Sky” showing Montreal’s evolving downtown. May did not forget nature lovers with “Tiny Forces of Nature” featuring that tiny little flower emerging almost out of solid concrete.

June, brought us  back to Montreal in “Amused By Jazz“,  and it also reminded us about our beautiful world in “Off-Season View“, featuring Quebec’s Lake Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships.

July’s “Chained Door” informed readers of famed Montreal Children’s Hospital closing and moving to new better quarters. “Symbol of Totalitarianism”  followed and almost caused heart failures for some of our international readers checking it out for their states’ intelligence services.

August is always a great time to visit places and “Today Was A Good Day In Ottawa” showed a wonderful time doing just that in the nation’s capital. It was also a time to acknowledge a growing tragedy in our midst. “Canadian Homeless“,  explains how we can help change things if we really care to.

September excited many architecture lovers with “Propped Grid” and it also gave us all a chuckle with “Monochromatic Couple Beer“. We also reviewed some pertinent Canadian political history in “Just Watch Me 2“.

October, with Canadian 2015 federal elections looming, reminded readers some more recent history in “Wing And A Prayer“. Important Canadian history figured also in “Women Are Persons“, reminding us about how women’s rights happened.

November was  Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre’s ‘SewageGate’ environmental fiasco in “Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology“.

Ornate Heritage” brought in December 2015 showing us again Ottawa’s fabulous Parliament Hill architectural gems. Our love for intelligence gathering  gave us “Eye Spy Cat” where Mooshie is our chief investigator. Investigations call for some munchies and “Rabotnik Muffins Treat” satisfied our hunger.

Montreal’s recent Jazz Fest reminded us of all the color, music, and  international tourists with “Tri-Couleur Gathering“.

We make it a wrap acknowledging our responsibility to care for each other and in particular our aged, sick, infirm, crippled, and those suffering natural disasters or wars. Our innocent victim  shows us the reality he faces everyday in “Mykolka’s Now“.