Juggled Weightless Objects

Four juggled weightless objects flew between two busy hands until gravity intervened.

Four juggled weightless objects, including the young performer’s red hat, all flying between her two trained busy hands.

juggled weightless objects 2

juggled weightless objects 3

juggled weightless objects 4

The juggled weightless objects numbered four when including her red hat and it depended on her trained, quick-moving hands to prevent gravity from kicking in and ending it all.

Meanwhile, the “weightless” objects flew arched trajectories between the two hands seeming immune to gravity, they quickly became normal weighed down by nature, falling from their orbit when the young woman in red stopped to take a well deserved break after a few minutes.

The scene was on de Maisonneuve boulevard during last summer’s Montreal Jazz Festival where a troupe of professional jugglers, people walking on stilts, clowns, and even a young woman riding her own giant “hoola-hoop” in the company with our juggler.

Montreal was awash with international visitors trying to take in as many of the free outdoor Jazz shows as possible and even some of the ones that required buying tickets for.

This was allegedly an all Jazz event however, as anyone who came down to enjoy the music found out that Jazz was not the only form of music available. And to sweeten things further there was some other free entertainment like this young juggler dressed in bright red doing her act.

This week our WP photo challenge asks us to share a photo of something marked by its weight of its weightlessness and I believe that objects flying around through the air, even for such a brief time, as these pictures show qualifies.

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