After Hard Work It’s Time For 2016

After hard work it’s time for 2016 now that winter has come to stay for the next while.

Just last week, we were basking in +17 degrees Centigrade and some were even playing on the golf
courses while others were starting to wear shorts and short sleeve t-shirts all this changed over last weekend.

Traditionally, Liberals when they are trying to get elected, promise to move mountains and pave our
streets with gold afterwards, they expect us to forget their promises and just meekly pay an exponentially increased tax bill.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre, famous for the 8 billion litre “Sewagegate dump” into the Saint
Lawrence river, with his city council passed a law last year forcing all municipalities on the island of
Montreal to coordinate their efforts in a collective front against the forces of mother nature or face hefty economic sanctions.

These past few days have shown what a load of blarney that collective effort has been, again citizens
heard the same time-tested excuses from Montreal city hall as we have in the past and with the same results. The only change  seen is that our taxes have increased even more, to be  redistributed to a new collective of swindlers.

There is another group however, that does its job efficiently regardless the severity of the weather all through our long winters, these are the private snow clearing companies working out mostly in the West Island, this little video is about them in action.

After their hard work these folks also deserve  to celebrate New Year’s Eve rewarded  with goodies  it
offers. By-the-way, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody, may it be a happy, healthy, and prosperous