Framed Mannequin Trio

This window framed mannequin trio are Montreal store dummies for summer.
Window framed mannequin trio pictured are Montreal store dummies showing summer clothes and sunglasses.

This window framed mannequin trio are dummies showing nice summer clothes and sunglasses for the tourist crowds during the time of the annual Montreal Jazz Fest.

These mannequins or store window dummies are probably made of some sort of shiny plastic and have moveable joints at shoulders and wrists and perhaps hips, knees, and feet making them very suitable for their roles.

The word “mannequin” derived from the Flemish word “manneken” by the French and we have adopted it to use as a replacement for “dummy” as in store dummy.

I was heading towards the metro station (subway) after attending and enjoying lots of great Jazz performances and happened upon this trio which I found interesting so I took their picture.

This is my contribution to WP weekly photo challenge “TRIO”.