Careful Lunch

Careful lunch high up on powerline is common with local grey squirrels.
A careful lunch perched high up on power-line is common with local grey squirrel community members.

Careful lunch hanging high up on power-line is common with local grey squirrels populating my neighborhood backyards and trees.

I took this picture one day while on the porch in my backyard fascinated by the skill and agility this particular rodent hanging onto a power-line with its back feet, leaning over and munching on a nut taken from my neighbor’s tree.

Each day these squirrels scavenge around looking for food raiding various backyards afterwards, they take to the power-lines to get away providing a high-wire entertainment troupe act.

There normally is one or two of them running along the wire however, I have also saw three at once, Nothing or just about nothing prevents their high-wire performances not even a real gusty windy day. It slows them down somewhat but they remain afloat nevertheless only stopping midstream to anchor themselves from falling.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge theme “CAREFUL”.