Machine Follies


The Machine Follies were in progress when I arrived at the Advanced Manufacturing Canada (Intelligent Machines) trade show put on by the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) at the Palais des Congress in downtown Montreal last Thursday, November 19, 2015.

As things turned out this rather small event concentrated primarily on exhibitors and companies involved with robotics and 3D printing.

There was also some exhibitors providing financial services, government help of all sorts for small businesses and startups.

Custom three D design software companies, laser cutting and etching-marking, and schools providing high-tech courses related to robotics, 3D printing and design were all represented.

Although this was a small show it nevertheless had a healthy contingent of well-known big high-tech companies showing their wares.

I was interested in 3D printing and certainly learned a lot about the advances and limits of this expanding technology from several exhibitors’ engineering staff involved in this show.

As my tiny video shows, robots are into much of what is manufactured today and they are getting more and more intelligent. 

Advances in micro-electronics and custom software has fueled greater advances in robots and their AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities

There were many more robots showing off however, I only digitally taped this tiny bit for this blog post, hope you enjoy it.