Canadian Because 2015

Canadian because it's 2015 is Justin Trudeau's witty response in heated discussion.
‘Canadian because it’s 2015’ Justin Trudeau’s witty response to former Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

Canadian because it’s 2015 is Justin Trudeau’s witty response in heated discussion with then PM Stephen Harper during a pre-election debate.

Well actually, the response sentence was “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian..” and the “2015” was another quip on another hot topic. That “2015” remark hailed by the media as the example of how intelligent Justin is and how it quickly put down Harper, something like old man Trudeau’s specials to Conservative leaders Stanfield and Clark.

The big question being asked today is if Paris (terror carnage) happens to Canada after we accept 25,000 not totally vetted Syrian ‘refugees’ will our wonderful starry-eyed Prime Minister say “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” as part of his apology hmm..I don’t think that would wash.

Apparently, Justin already gave his cabinet ministers their “mandate letters” marching orders however, contrary to what his voters believe his letters are full of cautious legalese, urging his ministers to “consult” and “develop plans” and “establish committees” before doing much of anything. This is typical, standard, Liberal phraseology or code talk his predecessors including his daddy used because it allows plenty of room for corruption to start..oh wait, that’s already started.

One mandate letter, in the pledge to amend Conservatives’ C-51 security bill, instructs Ralph Goodale, public safety minister, to “introduce new legislation that strengthens accountability with respect to national security and better balances collective security with rights and freedoms.” Now that certainly is a clear enough and transparent instruction that anybody can understand hmm?

Then there is that tiny matter about those Syrian ‘immigrants, or is that ‘refugees’ and immigration minister John McCallum’s new mandate informs him the “Cabinet” commits to ‘quick and substantial help’ for refugees but gives few details. We all remember that this is the new Liberal government not those evil Conservatives and their secrecy however, can we claim that no secrecy exists here hmm?

Also, one leading immigration lawyer, Lee Cohen, says ‘this is not the time to dither’ on these refugees, and Syrian refugees need to live in cities, not lodges A.S.A.P heck, folks there is absolutely no pressure being exerted here, just saying!

Justin..oops, “Cabinet” also directs him to fully restore refugee health care, the cancellation of which had been a rallying point for refugee advocates. This mandate letter also tells him to establish an “expert human rights panel”, a favorite liberal/leftist mechanism that always fills a multitude of pockets full from the public trough.

McCallum is also instructed to follow-up on that promise to boost import of their parents and grandparents however, more funding is not mentioned for processing the increased number of applications, or to pay health-care expenses. Then again, we all know who will take care of that hmm?

Another, leading media endorsed, savvy immigration ‘expert’ Showler suggests that a mere $100 million budgeted for resettlement is NOT ENOUGH perhaps, our generous taxpayers can give $500 millions instead heck, that would be better. Interesting that although the Liberals promised to inject $100 million this minor detail is not mentioned in McCallum’s letter.

Then again, the Liberals are staffing up with Kathleen Wynne’s backroom shysters both levels of Liberal government use the same playbook therefore, it is not surprising.

Kathleen Wynne’s gang, Liberal-connected consultants and advertising agencies, sponged $2.1-million in taxpayers’ money over the past two years.

For example, polling and market research firm, Gandalf Group run by David Herle, Ms. Wynne’s chief strategist in the 2014 election campaign and who also works for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau gobbled up (received) $1,102,529.

What’s in store for the next four years for Canadians is a smiling, waving, ‘wise cracking’, occupant of 24 Sussex..oops, not yet heck, that’s another $10 millions??? for the taxpayers to pay.

Justin will continue with selfies and his handler metered media darling appearances and interviews telling his followers-voters what they want to hear, in their simple minds he can do no wrong. Interesting, this seems to mirror Barack Hussein Obama’s modus operandi.

Following Liberal tradition, Trudeau offered France ‘as much assistance as possible’ meaning he is offering to bring their terrorists here, apologize to them and offer them compensation for “hurt feelings”.