Important Trudeau Government Secret Revealed

The important Trudeau government secret revealed is Liberal promises are like putting lipstick on a pig.
The important Trudeau government secret revealed is what most Canadians already know a month after the elections.

The important Trudeau government secret revealed today by Pigathia Lee*, new Liberal minister without portfolio and women’s other issues, is you can put lipstick on this pig and it’s still a pig.

This reinforces what most Canadians already know a month after the October 19, 2015 federal elections regarding Justin Trudeau’s election promises.

The corrupt practices of past Liberal regimes are happening again although it is till too early to say anything about it because after all, Justin Trudeau is the media’s darling and he can’t possibly do anything wrong even if it is in your face obvious. Then again, he is on his political ‘honeymoon’ having been freshly thrusted into absolute power.

As expected Bill Morneau, Trudeau’s minister of finance, has discovered based on the report from the Parliamentary Budget Office(PBO) that the previous Conservative government’s surplus of $$1.2 Billion was not factual. The government now has to somehow make up for this shortfall, Canadian taxpayers are now expected to make up this shortfall by being taxed even more than promised.

This comes on top of the cancelling or modification of a family tax relief and a generous saving plan the previous government put in place for Canadians before being voted out.

Already, liberal PM Trudeau has travelled across to Europe at taxpayers’ dime to attend an ‘important’ economic conference and so has his new minister of the environment, Catherine McKenna for one on the environmental greenhouse gases reduction.

Seems that she will adopt the Conservatives’ ‘national target’ level as the ‘benchmark’ regarding cutting greenhouse gas emissions Canadians expect more taxing to come soon. Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne Liberal government sets the pattern for Justin regarding how far to go sponging the taxpayers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..err, back in Montreal, Liberal mayor Denis Coderre, has flushed over eight billion liters of the city’s
raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river today after getting the blessing from Ms McKenna. She however, put her foot down setting conditions for this dumping, the city must carefully monitor the dumping, taking water samples, and report back if God forbid, something should go wrong.

Yes, folks you’re in good hands with the Liberals because they don’t do things in secret like those other guys..well not yet heh, heh, heh!


  • “Miss Piggy”