Deficits Final Solution

The Deficits Final Solution by new federal Liberal Trudeau government is austerity and deficit financing.
The Deficits Final Solution translates as austerity and deficit financing by the new federal Liberal Trudeau government.

The Deficits Final Solution translates as austerity and deficit financing by the new federal Liberal Trudeau government complimenting those of Canada’s Liberal provinces like Quebec, Ontario, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

Austerity and deficit financing are the new norms used to get things done and as usual health care and education are two areas that suffer most so that the politicians, their friends, and the international banks can gorge on massive profits that they expect the Canadian taxpayer to pay after all, they agreed to the promises offered and voted for it.

At the turn of the last century just before 1920 a couple of influential Germans, Karl Binding, a law professor, and Alfred Hoche, a doctor, published “Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life”. This book defined a person’s worth to society employing an outside agency to be allowed to question his worth while he proved he was. They reasoned that society would be much stronger when they cull the weakest from the herd.

“Eugenics” is the terminology used to describe a human hierarchy where the lowest level consists of the mentally handicapped and the disabled. Binding and Hoche negated the sanctity and value of human life therefore trashing the Hippocratic Oath tradition entirely.

In contrast, the Hippocratic Oath never questions an individual’s worth in terms of their contribution to society. These two Germans acted as substitute gods regarding who was unworthy to live and deemed those with terminal illnesses, the disabled, and the mentally ill in that category.

Their summation provided two distinct benefits for Germany, racial purity and huge saving in government funds some of which could be redirected to the ‘worthy’ something that the influential doctors, intelligentsia, and later most of German society accepted as a great idea. When Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf published half of Germany’s doctors joined the new Nazi party thrusting it into power in 1933.

The Aryan Master Race was readily accepted by many Germans due to the sly propaganda about the merits of “merciful” euthanasia. The Nazis quickly enacted the required legislation for voluntary euthanasia telling the public that the legislation included many safeguards against abuse. This nevertheless was vigorously opposed by the churches forcing the Nazis to temporarily shelve the law for a more opportune time.

Meanwhile, six months later they created “Heredity Health Courts” to sterilize an estimated 350,000 Germans and this program only ended in May 1945.

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels skillfully indoctrinated Germans with state-controlled media persuading enough Germans that euthanasia was a humane social policy needed badly. The propaganda ministry used graphic images and films portraying the mentally ill and disabled as “subhuman”. One such popular, powerful film called “I Accuse”, depicts an attractive woman suffering from multiple sclerosis being gently killed by her loving husband.

The nazis also incorporated their vile propaganda into schools where German children studied math calculating how many services and resources such as bread, butter, jam, and other necessities of life saved when killing ‘undesirables’ like the chronically sick and crippled is practiced.

Hitler’s secret directive issued in 1939 permitted murdering children born with disabilities became the norm involving willing cooperation of doctors and midwives, who reported every birth of a child with disabilities to the authorities. The child was immediately sent for ‘treatment’ where a brief report sent to Berlin’s panel of three doctors (‘experts’) determined it “unworthy of life” and killed. Cause of death was always “pneumonia” and the body returned to family minus its brain.

As always exclusive and influential, the New York Times reported on Nazi plans for euthanasia with the headline: Nazis Plan to Kill Incurables to End Pain; German Religious Groups Oppose Move -Associated Press

“BERLIN, Oct.7, 1933: The Ministry of Justice in a detailed memorandum explaining the Nazi aims regarding the German penal code, today announced its intention to authorize physicians to end the sufferings of incurable patients..

In insisting that euthanasia shall be permissible only if the accredited attending physician backed by two experts who so advise; the Ministry believes a guarantee is given that no life still valuable to the State, will be wantonly destroyed.

The legal question of who may ask the application of euthanasia has not been definitely solved.

The Ministry merely has proposed that either the patient himself shall “expressly and earnestly” ask it, or “in case the patient no longer is able to express his wish (like the modern “living will”), his nearer relatives, acting from motives that do not contravene morals, so request.” (Source – New York Times, Sunday, October 8, 1933)”.

Hitler gave secret orders in late October 1939 for the T4 extermination program to begin and families received falsified death certificates after the murders that happened in he “showers” of special converted hospitals.

Starting with the chronically ill and deformed the categories of victims evolved to include whoever looked sick, or deemed a problem. They were put on a list and transported to the killing centre (to be gassed with Zyclon B(cyanide gas)) in the ‘showers’. Since there were insufficient numbers of doctors and those available either too busy or did not care, a selection of nurses and attendants were recruited for mass murder. Some of these later worked in the infamous death camps.

The “Euthanasia” Program, in all its phases, is estimated taking over 200,000 innocent people’s lives however, its derivative, the ‘Final Solution’, stole millions of innocent lives in many countries saving Hitler’s Third Reich billions of dollars worth in government expenses.

In Canada, in the province of Quebec, the Liberals passed Bill 52, allowing euthanasia, in early June of 2014, by a 94-22 vote now in 2015, the law gives the government and doctors ‘carte blanche’ immunity to legally kill. It allows adult Quebecers medical help dying, as long as they have “an incurable serious illness” or an advanced, irreversible decline near end of their life constantly in unbearable physical or psychological pain that drugs can’t help out.

In a very similar way almost mirroring Dr. Goebbel’s propaganda ministry’s infamous “I Accuse” film, Canadians were shown by our mass media a video depicting Dr. Donald Low dying and pleading for physician-assisted death and this created a nationwide conversation on it.

Low was once Mount Sinai Hospital’s famous microbiologist-in-chief at press conferences, poised and explaining how Toronto was battling the SARS outbreak and therefore, well-known to most Canadians. His story follows several others, less known or famous persons including Ms Sue Rodriguez, Ms Carter and Ms Taylor.

Just like the Germans, Canadians are assured by our governments, our death culture mass media ‘talking heads’, and panels of ‘medical experts’ that all required precaution is taken to assure that ‘only’ those poor suffering people are “helped” ending their lives and this is safeguarded by strict law.

We will not slide down that slippery slope that other places have because our laws are obeyed and we can sleep easy tonight knowing nobody will stick a needle into your arm, asphyxiate you, dehydrate you, poison gas you, or even starve you, honestly..wink, wink, nod, nod. This program has nothing to do with saving the government money because we honestly wish you the best life you can possibly have if you have lots of cash!

Then again, we do have these figures to migitate in the austerity and deficit financing governments’ final decision or is that ‘final solution’ :

The cost of drugs for assisted suicide $35.00 while the cost of proper health care is $35,000-40,000..hmm?