Usual Liberal Suspects Lineup

The usual Liberal suspects lineup are 'investment' experts for taxpayers' money.
The usual Liberal suspects lineup are ‘investment’ experts for taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

The usual Liberal suspects lineup are ‘investment’ experts for taxpayers’ hard-earned money following this party’s famous traditions. They will give new PM Justin Trudeau the needed help when he begins fulfilling his bag full of campaign promises for grateful taxpayers who put up the capital.

The lineup consists of veteran elected Liberals and Justin’s most loyal and intimate, trusted, political advisor Gerald Butts, who made his campaign a real success transforming the party from a ‘rump’ third-rate one into a majority in the House of Commons.

The lineup also includes Bob Rae, who was officially dead..oops retired however, has been awaken from his crypt ready to take on an important prestigious position in the new regime. Rae did a lot of work in the background during this campaign helping Junior get his win.

Trudeau also got a lot of help from Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s premier, and former PMs Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.

Perhaps, the most important culprits will never be mentioned and yet they were the most influential in swaying the public are the leftist-Liberal media.

For ten years straight, ever since Stephen Harper and the Conservatives assumed power, the media waged a relentless guerrilla war steadily corroding the public perception of the Conservative rule. They continuously searched for anything that could be used to smear the government even if it was a total lie.

Then again, what else is new because we all saw the same during the early 1960’s with Pierre Trudeau, whom the media described as ‘charismatic’, making that the main qualifier needed to be Canada’s PM. Today, his son, Justin, has really nice hair and that is enough to run Canada!