Ho-Ho-Ho Santa Justin Arrives Tomorrow

Ho-ho-ho, Santa Justin arrives tomorrow, better watch your wallet, be ready to cry.
Ho, ho, ho, Santa Justin arrives tomorrow, so you better watch your wallet.

Ho-ho-ho, Santa Justin arrives tomorrow, so you better watch out, be ready to cry, better not shout, I’m telling you why..Justin Trudeau, Liberal Santa Claus is coming to Ottawa town!

Alas! How dreary the world would be if there was no Liberal Santa Claus for you and me!

There would be no childlike faith and little of advertised hope, your hope, and their hard work scamming you, saying your life will change, be better, when you put your X for Liberals down!

Soon Santa’s new, busy elves carefully coached by grizzled old Liberal veterans, will get the machinery operating just like the last time ending with same results. We will revisit the same old stories with a few new ones added to ensure ‘fairness’ and diversity.

There will be scandals and new news of how tax money simply vanished, massive overspending and Liberal favoritism, woman’s body issues like abortion and abuses, kindness of snuffing (euthanasia) the old and infirm or crippled to save money, new ‘security’ initiatives related to the new 25, 000 ‘immigrants’ and the private ownership of firearms.

Meanwhile, there will be an upswing of popularity related to Liberal media darlings particularly Justin Trudeau heck, he just will not be able to do anything wrong because of his nice hair.

Media talking heads will trip over each other to get the best pictures and videos of the our new leader and interviews will be frequent to get his infallible opinions on anything.

Yes, folks salvation arrives tomorrow because the Conservative ‘tyrant’, Stephen Harper, is deposed. Total freedom for Liberal adscammers, miscellaneous swindlers, drug pushers, people smugglers, and crooked immigration lawyers has been restored, hallelujah!