Steady As She Goes

"Steady as she goes" the Liberals are back with helmsman Justin Trudeau commanding
“Steady as she goes” the Liberals are back with helmsman Justin Trudeau and very experienced advisors Johnny Chretien and Paul Martin.

“Steady as she goes” the Liberals are back with helmsman Justin Trudeau and very experienced advisors Johnny Chretien and Paul Martin. This famous quote is what naval helmsman have used telling their ship’s crew to keep on the current course, the same bearing for the craft.

The Canadian Navy’s course is set following finalizing of AOPS designs and the first steel-cut already at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax.

Following last Monday, October 19, 2015 events Canadians want to know whether the country will maintain their navy’s program to rebuild now that the Liberals are back at the helm. And remember folks the Maritimes overwhelmingly voted for Justin and the Liberals.

We also all remember the last time the Canadian navy got ‘new’ equipment under Liberal PM Johnny Chretien. His many high level international connections and shrewd bargaining found the Canadian Navy some badly needed diesel subs.

It seems to me that those ex-British diesel submarines are still being ‘refurbished’ and not yet ready for use, even today. Then again, we also ‘saved’ money on another vital piece of naval equipment when Chretien scrapped following up on his election promises to save us money. The excellent all-weather EH101 helicopter was chopped simply because the previous Conservative government under Brian Mulroney had the balls to order quality equipment for Canada’s Navy.

Today, despite many patriotic speeches by various prime ministers since Conservative PM John Diefenbaker declared that our arctic must be defended, none have done anything real in asserting our sovereignty and authority in that vast desolate region of water and ice.

Now, with PM Justin Trudeau at the helm, it will be very interesting what his Liberal regime will do with next. Following Liberal tradition started with Chretien, the F-35 advanced aircraft program is slated for the chopping block as a follow-up to Trudeau’s election promises. Additionally, our bombing mission in Syria is dead, also an election promise so what’s next?

Nevertheless folks, don’t worry about a thing because after all, Justin does have his very experienced group of advisors in this sort of thing including Paul Martin and ‘uncle’ Johnny Chretien who will be there to help Junior to make the right decision.

After the Liberals promised $$147 Billions in deficit financing for  that job-making infrastructure program certainly some of it will go for our defense then again, perhaps we won’t need to spend anything on defense because Canada will again be assured its place as the world’s doormat like before, another liberal tradition fulfilled.