New Improved Toronto Formula

Trudeau's famous new improved Toronto formula 'dehydrated water' satisfies demanding urban dwellers.
Trudeau’s famous new improved Toronto formula ‘dehydrated water’ is reformulated to be better tasting and less filling.

The new improved Toronto formula is now available for general consumption and after extensive testing approved because of its ease to satisfy. Yes, folks Trudeau’s famous ‘dehydrated water’ has been reformulated to be better tasting and less filling.

After last night’s final live testing Trudeau’s Liberal party quality board recommended it for consumer use.

Dehydrated water’s active ingredient, H2O, has proven effective in satisfying most clients particularly urban dwellers. One taste and even the most demanding, most discriminating, find it wonderfully refreshing in fact, consumer polls conducted last night prove its effectiveness because there were no complaints registered.

As for side effects, those have yet to be determined by our Liberal party scientists and spin doctors. For a clear verdict a couple of months of extreme testing should suffice because remember folks, this is an’improved formula’ never tried in Canada before.

You are probably having a chuckle reading about our new ‘improved Toronto formula’ dehydrated water however, ask yourself this, if you voted Liberal last night, whether your choice although a political one, is any better than ‘dehydrated water’, which is just a ‘snake oil’ scam.

There is one difference that is true though, our water won’t cause you any harm financially whereas what Justin Trudeau and Liberals sold you on is four years of deficit financing costing $$BILLIONS in new taxes paid out your pocket to international bankers. This money will be added to the huge national debt ($$$1.06 TRILLION) already being paid to the banks.