SewageGate Boss Coderre

SewageGate Boss Coderre=====================================================================
Sewagegate Boss Coderre, alias mayor of Montreal, accused the Conservatives of “playing politics” to score cheap points.

Coderre took a swipe at the his enemies saying “at the end of the Conservative regime, it’s the first time they write a letter and use the word scientific.”

He insisted that he received scientific advise backing his decision to dump 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river. His sarcasm related to scientists and the strict Conservatives federal government rules imposed on its employees getting too cosy with the Liberal loving media engaged in smearing the government.

Coderre then blasted Thomas Mulcair saying that Montreal dumped twice before back in 2003 and 2005 and it was OK’d by the former Quebec Liberal environment minister Mulcair, now NDP leader.

With two enemies whacked in one simple media interview, little Denis ‘the Drill’ Coderre felt proud of his accomplishment, his helping Justin Trudeau. Who is playing politics now, Denis hmm?

Sewagegate has now become a potential international crisis because a state senator from New York, Patty Ritchie and even famed American environmentalist Erin Brockovich have voiced concern for the massive damage this proposed raw sewage dump will cause. More and more environmentalists and ordinary people have voiced concern since the whole thing started and it continues.

Evidently when you’re Liberal and Montreal boss, polluting the Saint Lawrence river is no big deal because it’s been done before. Coderre likes to grandstand especially when it’s during an election campaign, to help his buddy Justin Trudeau.

Coderre feels very confident junior will become PM on October 19, 2015 so why not show off how tough a Montreal boss he is bashing the evil ‘Conservative regime’.

It will be interesting Monday night, October 19, should Canadians decide Liberals are just the same, tired, old, Adscam-Sponsorship Scandal gang trying to get their snouts into the public trough again and do more of their usual corruption.

Then again, Coderre should know a bit about corruption because after all, he was once a Chretien Liberal cabinet minister, and even mentioned in the famous Gomery Commission. He was most probably involved however, evidence to prove his culpability beyond the shadow of doubt never materialized.