Love Guru Justin

Love guru Justin Trudeau plans to invest now legalizing weed "right away".
Love guru Justin Trudeau plans to invest now and his Liberal government would legalize weed “right away”.

Love guru Justin Trudeau plans to invest now and his Liberal government would legalize weed “right away” because interest rates remain at record lows.

He plans to invest also in transit, housing, education to grow our economy. Trudeau says we have a sluggish economy and promises to run “small” deficits to kickstart prosperity.

“I’m worried about saddling my kids with is a lack of jobs, a lack of good infrastructure, a lack of a future” he says.

He says he is worried about Canadians facing record levels of personal and household debt despite the Canadian economy doing well. Canadians are struggling because some are stretched thin with personal debt.

He poo-poos statistics and studies showing Canada is maintaining a good standard of living and a healthy economy. Every time somebody asks him about taxes, his response is “Canadians are taxed enough.”

Trudeau wants to follow Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s proved method of growing the economy by spending on infrastructure, transit, housing, education, saying that is reasonable.

This would ensure building an economy that works for the middle class, giving the best jobs to the most people. Trudeau believes that the government takes enough money and as his economy grows there will be even more revenue because it’s about fiscal discipline, responsible spending, and smart decisions.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau says his Liberal government would legalize weed “right away” hoping to regulate the sales although before before the elections campaign he denied the Liberals have any policy plans related to marijuana.

Kate Purchase, his director of communications, suggested Colorado as a model to follow regarding weed law however, when asked why the Liberals have not factored in the tax revenues from marijuana in their financial projections, Purchase said, “We don’t want to pre-suppose revenue!”

“We will continue to answer questions on this,” said Trudeau. “But the policies we’re putting forward are really focused on how we’re going to grow the economy and give the kind of future to Canadians that they deserve.”

The question Canadian voters should think about is their future and whether they deserve being buried under more debt of CDN$$147 BILLIONS Justin will load them down with. This debt will carry compounded interest and be added to the already CDN$$$1 TRILLION forty-four BILLIONS (CDN$$$1,043,600,000,000 approximately). You could wrap $1 bills around the Earth 3,149 times with the debt amount!

Then again, if Justin’s Liberals legalize weed and make it cheaply available for everybody, it won’t matter because the confusion and lack of focus added with lack of coordination because of the need for more sleep will ensure the change Justin’s been talking about.

Secretiveness and wasted time will be the norm for everybody heck, nobody will worry much about any future as long as they have their stash and remain high.

And as one ’60’s stoner once said:

“Peace! Let’s change the world! We all can change the world. We’re powerful, let’s pave the road to freedom, my friend. One thing I’ve got to tell you…you need to be free. Freedom, Peace, Love is all we need. Woodstock, remember, Woodstock man. Dig it man!”