Sweet Deal Trudeau

Sweet Deal Trudeau is fair with his lifetime financing easy payment plan deal.
Sweet Deal Trudeau is fair and knows you need a life-time bargain with easy payments.

Folks, sweet deal Trudeau knows what you need that is why you can have the bargain of your lifetime however, limited to one day, October, 19, 2015.

And did you know that we except everyone no matter who you are or what you wear heck, wearing a face-mask is fine even if you are not a woman. Yes, folks Justin believes in fairness and accepts payment arrangements, in fact, we have easy financing plan that even Americans are envious about.

Folks, for just four easy payments of $$10 Billions and this baby is all yours to keep now that really is a real sweet deal!

And did you know that our Bijoux, equipped to the latest strict anti-pollution standards surpasses even the EPA’s own they don’t even come close. Yes, folks, this baby is all Canadian-made..well, mostly, sort of, that our advanced team of Liberal spin doctors..er.. engineers and scientists worked decades to come up with.

Folks, Justin understands you, he talks your language heck, he’ll even wear a handkerchief on his head while visiting your religious place, or wear a Hawaiian wreath around his neck while waving a tiny gay-pride flag. Remember folks, no reasonable offer of $$10 Billions refused, so come on down and let’s make a deal!

Oh, just remember folks, it’s a one-time deal on October 19, 2015!