Montreal Merger Change

Montreal merger change amalgamated all island municipalities.
The Montreal merger change in 2002 when all municipalities amalgamated into the city of Montreal.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

The Montreal merger change on January 1, 2002 amalgamated all municipalities on the island into the city of Montreal.

The minister of that time, Louise Harel, forced all the municipalities to merge and create a new urban agglomeration of Montreal where all resources of each town were pooled together and sharing became the norm. This is after all, typical socialism 101.

Things changed again in the April 2003 provincial elections when the Quebec Liberal Party defeated the Parti Québécois.

The Liberals had promised to allow any municipality that wanted to leave the mess created by the separatist PQ party a chance to do so however, only after a public referendum which happened in 2004.

The Liberals perpetrated this sly move because they knew well that if everybody left the merged city it would be very complicated and costly to piece thing together as they were before the amalgamation in 2002.

What eventually happened is that some towns left and others caught in the details of it all and ended up remaining merged to Montreal, a very unhappy marriage as time has shown.

My photo taken shortly before the change, the merger, when huge public demonstrations were happening in downtown against the forced assimilation. People were very upset however, the socialist PQ government passed the law regardless.