Blood Moon Tracking

Blood moon tracking of third of four celestial tetral manifestations.
Blood moon tracking of third celestial manifestation in significant tetral series of four occurrences.

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Blood moon tracking of third celestial manifestation in significant tetral series of four occurrences, the last to be in 2033, happened last night.

Sunday night, September, 27, 2015, the assembly began slowly however, as the celestial manifestation progressed in the sky above more and more people arrived to witness the third spectacular appearance of the blood moon-super moon.

Apparently, the first was way back in 1982 and we have been fortunate to witness two more since last year. After yesterday’s heavenly show, the last is to happen in 2033 and may be significant because some believe that this will be Judgement Day, Armageddon*(see note below), the End of Days.

Fortunately, we have NASA to correct things because according to them, we are fine since they have not detected any massive asteroid or other such thing heading our way at least not yet, looks like we’ve dodged the bullet.

Our Sunday get together was in a dark lonely field at McGill‘s MacDonald campus, which in appearance as time passed looked like a gathering of the faithful awaiting an alien mothership to arrive.

We arrived early however, for a few moments while enduring a massive cloud of dust that almost blinded our driver following two yellow ‘uncle harry’ school buses packed with faithful we could have ended up in a ditch. All turned out alright and we were fortunate in the end because having endured the deluge of dust we found a nice parking spot near the farmhouse close to the entrance gate of the compound.

Everybody was very enthusiastic about our opportunity to witness the blood moon celestial show, enjoy the sight of a combined “blood moon” and “supermoon” lunar eclipse that was about to begin.

The sight of the miniature observatory that sat right in the middle of the farmer’s field was most welcomed and many excitedly asked questions of the man running the operation using two telescopes and laptop to track and record it all. My pictures show some of the equipment in it as well as that of others that brought down theirs for this event.

*Note: The site picked to explain ‘Armageddon’ does not in any way reflect author’s beliefs or opinion and was chosen at random.