Fools of Trades

The 'fools of trades' tired old tools collection represent Trudeau Liberal slogans and empty promises.
The ‘fools of trades’ Trudeau Liberal campaign  collection of tired old slogans and promises these tools represent.

The “fools of trades” Liberal party campaign included Justin Trudeau’s speech to a local plumbers’ union in Waterloo, Ont., he promised $500-million to the provinces and another $200-million on training for those who can’t get federal government paid training.

As for the other $50 million (out of a promised $750-millions), well that needs some more consultation with the Liberal party’s spin doctors and his close advisors and handlers perhaps, Jean Chretien can dream up another sponsorship scandal to sponge that up and like ether vapor disappear forever into the atmosphere.

Like my picture shows, the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal plan is just a collection of tired old tools representing Liberal party slogans and promises that we have all seen before flaunted as new ideas in their ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’ for our salvation.

By-the-way, it’s interesting that Justin would visit a union-run training facility for plumbers and steamfitters because after all they do deal with a lot of hot air in their profession heck, they are also pros in dealing with waste byproducts (a lot of garbage).

As for creating jobs by training, which jobs is he referring to, are they jobs in IT because he mentioned Microsoft Win 95?

Just a few days ago Trudeau, his party, and their obedient ally, the ‘news media’, told Canadians that we were in a ‘structural’ recession, and we all know that if that were so then jobs would be very scarce, even MacDonald and Tim Horton jobs. Therefore, what jobs are the Liberals talking about..oh, yeah, the famous ‘infrastructure’ jobs. Would they be like the ones Obama and the Democrats gave Americans following Obama’s victory?

Word has it that the USA in booming heck, they have to be considering that 93 million Americans are on food stamps and are still living the ‘good life’. It’s all because of that massive Trillions of dollars ‘invested’ into their ‘infrastructure’ that has kept their dollar worth more than ours.

Justin is also going after the ‘rich class’ to fulfill his party’s resolve to strengthen the ‘middle class’, a testament to the Liberal commitment to workers’ rights. He promises the rich will pay more just so the underdog, average and poor Canadians get ‘good wages’ to help pay back the alleged $$30 billion ‘small’ deficit his action plan will make.

Don’t you all worry about that insignificant thing called interest that the international banks will pile up on that small deficit perching on top of the already ‘normal’ $$$ 1. 07 Trillion nation debt Canada already carries.

Justin is generous with $$Billions and has not forgotten our aboriginal peoples promising them another $50 million then again, he is just following tradition because past Liberal regimes also promised and delivered very little once they were elected heck, empty promises are easy.

Let’s Hope we are not part of that Change that Trudeau and his senior mentor Chretien are willing to saddle us with. Canadians need to think hard when they vote and prevent it happening. Lets not be fools of the international bankers and their trades of our welfare for their massive profits.