Just Watch Me 2


Just Watch Me 2 is our second Trudeau experience rolling the dice hoping it doesn’t come up snake eyes, more destructive political turmoil.

The first was Pierre Eliot Trudeau, who during the 1970 October Crisis uttered the now famous “just watch me” to TV reporters when pressed about how far he was prepared to go to regain control.

We are throwing our dice hoping against a repeat of history when Canada experienced an incredible amount of fiscal and constitutional turmoil much of which we are still dealing with even today.

Canadian deficit financing as we know it and are still experiencing its effects on our daily lives today was brought in by Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s Liberal government in 1974.

Canada’s national debt then was a staggering $$18 Billion dollars and the Bank of Canada printed our own money lending it to our federal government at no interest at all, this changed with the Trudeau government who signed it all away to international banks.

In 1974 the Trudeau Liberal allowed them free rein to print money and collect interest on what they printed and loaned to the federal government.

Today our national debt is about ***$$420 Billion more or less and expected to double, triple, or whatever when Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister.

We know that deficit financing is what his government intends doing because he publicly said so. ***(actually $$$CDN 1.07 TRILLION Dollars 15/09/2015)

Despite this, nearly 30 years after leaving office and 13 years after death, the Trudeau myth endures.

In fact, one national polling company claims that he remains ranked the best Canadian prime minister since 1968.

It is small wonder why Justin rose so quickly in the struggling Liberal party, in part by the nostalgia for that earlier Trudeau era.

During the years 1969 and 1979  world commodity prices experienced a temporary plateau remaining high and the Trudeau Liberals got lulled into tripling federal spending raking up the worst federal budget deficits in peacetime history.

When things then went south with commodities Canadians became saddled with huge debt.

This is interesting because Trudeau had once worked in Ottawa from 1949 to 1951 for Liberal Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent as an economic policy advisor in the Privy Council Office.

For someone who was a doctoral student under renowned socialist economist Harold Laski in the London School of Economics he should definitely have been more attuned, on the ball, to the stock market’s highs and lows.

Then again, Trudeau also trained in Harvard and the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, and was fascinated with Marxism and Keynesian economics being essential to the creation of the “good life” in democratic society.

Pierre even travelled to Moscow, USSR for a conference on it about which he found out from a number of leftist publications he subscribed to.

Spending and piling up massive debts to leave for future generations of Canadians was the ‘raison d’être‘ for Pierre because he loved being a celebrity, the internationalist, cavorting with dictators.

These same people accustomed doing similar stuff to keep their masses quiet through their state controlled media that provided them necessary cover with daily propaganda on how wonderful everything is because of their socialist governments.

Heck, Trudeau, the media darling, could get away with almost anything, he could do no wrong. For example, he claimed to utter “fuddle duddle” to an opposition MP who outfoxed him regarding an important issue, when it was clear that he really said “f–k off!”

Trudeau, arrogant as the rich man’s son he was, defended himself when accused of not having the guts to admit saying the f-word by saying that he didn’t run off to complain to his mama, unlike opposition members whining to the press.

More of this information, despite much sanitizing done on Google, is available for those interested finding it.

Canadians will elect a federal government in October 2015 that will either be a servant to the population or they will end up serving a massive, bloated, expensive government they’ve had before in a different era.

We must  make our decision carefully based on true facts instead of swallowing blatant, slanted propaganda the media talking heads bombard us daily with. Emotions based on false nostalgia have no room in our decision because too much is at stake