Ahead By The Nose

CF18 pictured ahead by the nose although not longest compared to CF5 military jet.
Ahead by the nose certainly qualifies CF18 from amongst myriad of aircraft at Ottawa’s Aeronautical Museum.

Ahead by the nose certainly seems to qualify this CF18 military jet fighter-bomber from amongst the myriad of different aircraft on display at Ottawa’s Aeronautical Museum.

This aircraft of course is not the only long nose military jet here, pretty well most of the military jets built after the F86 Sabre and MIG 15 sport long noses. My favorite is the CF5, that Canadair built under license based on the American Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter aircraft for the Canadian Forces and a few other countries, which I believe beats them all.

The CF18, based on the American McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, is a versatile, high performance, supersonic aircraft picked by the Royal Canadian Air Force for frontline multi-functional roles. Its primary use based on its defense capabilities that include air superiority and tactical support however, it has also been used as an air platform for training and testing. As many other before it this workhorse aircraft rounds out its abilities by entertaining the public in aeronautical shows in Canada and elsewhere.

After a careful selection Canada announced the F18 winner in 1980 and got its first batch in 1982 from the manufacturer.

The CF18, as most products, has a ‘shelf life’ making it obsolete for use very soon, this aircraft is to be replaced by 2020.