Under Ceaseless Scrutiny


Under Ceaseless Scrutiny everyday our ‘free’ world is less secure today than fifty years ago in fact, more crime happens now than ever before despite advances in electronics and technology yet big government and big business together claim otherwise.

In the 1930s the world had two main ruthless, ideological dictators opposing each other, Adolph Hitler and Stalin, Nazi Germany versus  the communist Soviet Union.

Both employed never-ending criminal means of surveillance to control enslaved masses living in their regimes, methods still in use today although much improved and modified through advances in technology.

Early on there was wiretapping of the telephones augmented by a system of informers, snitches, and government spies gathering information  on everyone.

Nobody was safe even from members of their own family betraying them to the regime’s secret police.

As electronic technology, advances in communications, and better computers became available, these regimes integrate that into their bag of dirty tricks against their populace.

Today, history seems to be repeating itself because we again have two main sides, the ‘good guys’ and the descendants of the defunct “evil empire”.

The evil empire today is represented by Russia’s Vladimir Putin and also Xi Jinping of Communist China  versus his alleged arch-nemesis Barak Hussein Obama representing the “good guys”.

I say alleged because if we take a good look at what is happening on ‘our’ side we will have a hard time believing that there is much difference between the two opposing sides.

Both employ domestic spy networks to keep control of their charges, both trample on basic human and constitutional rights.

They both have huge militaries employing armed drones, satellites, all sorts of electronic surveillance, and tactical nuclear weapons to threaten  mankind.

Finally, both sides are controlled by huge international banks and corporations with plenty of money  something similar to and mirroring that  before start of WW2, so what has changed to make us more safe?