Fleas Just For Us

Plenty of Fleas Just For Us awaited our arrival at the local flea market in Saint Eustache just North of the city of Laval-des-Rapides.

The beautiful weather yesterday, Sunday, certainly contributed to the bounty of miscellaneous old and used, and new goods being sold at the this flea market.

People were in a good mood both the multitude of bargain hunters and sellers heck, what can you ask for more when mother nature does her part.

The place was packed with people and sales were happening all over judging on the number of happy buyers carrying their prized possessions back to the car parking lot.

Both my friend and I saw plenty of “bargains” of all sorts and it was hard to resist temptation to spend.

After doing my darnest to resist I finally relented when I spotted that axe that I got for five dollars then later I found a nice ball cap for another dollar.

Meanwhile, my buddy found a very nice old Pentax reflex camera for a just fifteen dollars however, it included a genuine Pentax soft camera case and original instruction manual.

Bargain “fleas” abounded and we saw things like a very nice brass trumpet in a hard case, expensive watches like ‘Tag Heuer‘ or ‘Swiss Army‘( these were not cheap ‘knock offs).

After a bit more browsing  we also found several good  air compressors, nice stainless pots and pans sets, and even a large Honda ‘Goldwing’ touring motorcycle going for a mere one thousand dollars..wow!