Today was a good day in Ottawa

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”


Today was a good day in Ottawa, a wonderful day to visit Parliament and the Canadian Aeronautical and Canada War museums.

Saturday, August 22, 2015, was just a perfect, warm, sunny, day with a sprinkling of cumulus clouds to cut the sun’s glare when “we loaded up the truck and moved to..” well, you know where we ended up.

After travelling about two hours we reached our destination, the Canadian Aeronautical Museum just outside Ottawa. This place has a fantastic collection of aircraft dating back when aviation just began.

There were early prop Wright Brothers type aircraft to modern high-speed, high altitude, military and civilian jet aircraft and components like engines.

Moreover, they even had an original Canada Arm that travelled in the US space shuttle Columbia into space to the International Space Station.

Our next destination was the new Canada War Museum where we saw tons of military hardware, images, arms, and artifacts dating back to when Canada or more accurately New France and later New England were founded and colonized.

Visitors could also hear and see the sounds of important events of yesteryear while visiting and observing the displays.

After spending about five hours at the museums we headed to the Hill to revisit Parliament and adjacent buildings and monuments populating the Parliament Block area.

My little video shows some of the new statues recently installed, those of the famous ladies who fought for women’s rights. A spot of tea was just the thing to sit down and relax after all that fighting to be allowed to vote eh!

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