Out Of His Shell

Now out of his shell cicada Ralph moment in sun was gone.
Out of his shell cicada Ralph finally got his permanent rest after much partying.

Just out of his shell cicada Ralph, let’s call him that, finally got his permanent rest heck, it’s not easy being a cicada these days with all that competition.

It took a whole seventeen years for Ralph’s moment in the sun and it all was gone in a just a few short weeks. Life however,  was wonderful and included much singing, flirting with the girls, and then the exciting sex in the tree tops wow!

Life as a cicada is mostly underground and for a long seventeen years sucking on plant sap in the dark. When they emerge from the ground they have a real chirping rock concert hitting 90 decibels in concert with billions of their fellow performers.

Their ultimate goal is to get lucky, to find a female that is in tune with their own music.  If they’re lucky she clicks her wings and the romance goes into overdrive. Both lovers croak..ooops, expire soon after the female lays her eggs.

Billions of their fellows do the same and because of their massive invasion numbers, the species survival remains assured even if they lose a few million or even billion to miscellaneous adventure or predators. They will be back again in another seventeen long years to repeat this ritual.

Our friend Ralph is just an empty shell now compared to what he used to be just a few weeks ago. He’s still hanging around, stuck to the treated wood fence member, until a gust of wind and some rain help sweep his remains away returning once again to the warm embrace of Mother Earth.