T-Bone Night

T-bone night the Chrysler mini-van lost control when broadsided.
T-bone night was wet and electrical power down when Chrysler min-van got broadsided.

T-bone night was wet and electrical power down when Chrysler min-van got broadsided and lost control.

The rain came down very intense, in sheets, when the dark metallic-green Chrysler mini-van lost it after being broadsided by a car travelling a high-speed across the cross-shaped intersection.

It had been a wicked storm that July night and much of the electrical power including the traffic lights were down, it was a classical, typical scenario for a car wreck because all the elements required were present.

The green mini-van driven by a young woman with two young children strapped down to the backseat was heading west across the large four-lane boulevard just a that critical moment her children temporarily distracted her and she failed to notice that the lights were out. The driver of the mid-sized sedan meanwhile, was speeding heading north along this boulevard and failed to take into account that power was off in this area because it was raining intensely at that moment.

The resultant, violent impact sent the mini-van into an uncontrolled spin scattering parts of it all over the roadway. The car having smashed into the mini-van also sustained extensive damage its front crumple zone absorbing much of the energy caved in morphing its size into that of a small car. It ended up on the sidewalk not far from the local police station and obviously caused the police to be on the scene in minutes.

The debris field from this side-impact collision was extensive and took some time to cleanup meanwhile, ambulances took all involved to the local hospital.

Although I happened on this scene some time after it happened I can imagine that there were significant injuries to everybody involved just by observation of all the debris that still remained on the scene because cleanup had already been started.