Xtraterrestrial Imposter


The Xtraterrestrial Imposter masqueraded as US president with ease because of thousands of years of visiting Earth studying humans.

The alien being likened his masquerade to a chameleon in his pursuit of both his personal safety, attaining material wealth, and attacking his prey if needed.

He knew that if he is invisible, camouflaged, appearing human he could carry out his assignment easily.

So far so good heck, being president of the USA, the most powerful country on this planet, has a lot of advantages and he was going to use them to the fullest.

He remembered the excitement he had in Earth time, year 2008, when the citizens of this society gave him, an extraterrestrial, his immense power over them.

He recalled thinking to himself that it wasn’t necessary because after all, he already wielded considerable, awesome, advanced, technological power enough to exterminate all humans.

Yes, that was certainly a very interesting time fooling all these humans with his lies and the great oratory skills he picked up from some of the masters, humans from an earlier time that he knew personally like..like hmmm..Cicero..then again, Frederick Douglas..yes, he comes closest hmmm!