Crane Operation

crane operation3

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Crane operation is monster tower alongside the massive Bell Center.
The crane operation in progress is monster tower alongside the massive Bell Center.

The crane operation in progress is this monster tower alongside the massive Bell sports Center.

Crane operations blanket this part of downtown Montreal as massive structures are evolving emerging out of deep holes that suddenly appeared since last year. This one is interesting because it seems attached to the Bell Center, at least from where I was when I took my picture.

My visit on Saturday along Rene Levesque boulevard (formerly Dorchester) allowed me to see the progress done since my last visit along this stretch. What seems new is the progress on this monster tower going up besides the massive Bell sports Center.

As you can see there are twin cranes working on this large black colored structure which may be another hotel or pricey condominium complex. What you see is the structure’s middle section and there is another smaller, narrower, section that is just a skeleton, on top where these two cranes are. My topmost picture provides an overall side view showing what is missing in the other two pictures.

Just over on the left a another huge crane is helping to put up another tower that probably half done. Not shown in my picture on the left side, that is the north side, further up more construction is going on two more towers. These structures, more than likely, are office space along Rene Levesque boulevard.

As I continued my walk, I came upon two huge, several stories deep, holes dug in the ground just west of our black tower where work is progressing for another pair of large office towers. Yes, folks Montreal is evolving turning into another large city conquered by shiny glass and steel behemoths.