Cyber Twilight Zone

Cyber twilight zone is the massive communications network crisscrossing our world with invisible microwaves.
Cyber twilight zone a massive communication network emanating invisible microwaves.

The cyber twilight zone began when a British radar technician realized that microwaves emanating from the radar unit he was working on melted the chocolate bar in his shirt pocket.

What this man failed to notice is the damage those same microwaves were doing to him because they were cooking his body. Soon after, he figured this out and that is how they invented the modern microwave oven.

Today, we’ve gone past just cooking meals and remote-controlled TVs because our cities are crawling with microwave communication towers, WiFi, smart meters, smart phones, smart TVs, and smart kitchen stoves, etc. All these wonderful things based on microwaves now compose a huge communications network invisibly crisscrossing our cities. They are the huge microwave communication towers, WiFi, smart meters, smart this and smart that and now our cars are joining that control system.

International medical studies remain inconclusive regarding the long-term effects on our health these microwave networks pose however, evidence of cancers exists. Meanwhile, Google and their rich friends are going gangbusters in the process of ridding our cars with robot-controlled driverless units using those same microwave networks.

The driverless cars are supposed to herald new laws making driving a car illegal because after all, the driverless ones will get you from A to B however, before we jump to conclusions there is the tiny matter about hackers taking control of our present day cars.

This issue is a very serious one because each year our big international car companies are coercing us to buy their new ‘improved’ products with more and more computerized microwave-controlled goodies.

Take for example, Honda, who announced that they will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features in its popular Accord model for 2016. They of course, are not the first to do this because GM, generous motors oops..General Motors already did this last May. No word yet from the other manufacturers who will no doubt follow or better this offer.

Today, we have the Chrysler Jeep story about how hackers can cause kaos if allowed to due to computers being hackable no matter where and how they may be installed because of flaws in their operating software. Apparently, a couple of ‘good’ hackers took control of a Jeep Cherokee via its internet-connected entertainment system to prove this is possible.

We expected this ever since GM introduced their “OnStar” remote help system option. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that some computer savvy hacker may be able to compromise their cars. Now we have positive proof that hackers can indeed take control via OnStar, navigation systems, diagnostic programs, bluetooth connections, etc.

Unlocking your doors or starting your engine was already possible now turning your steering wheel, accelerating your car to maximum speed meanwhile, disabling your brakes and preventing you from shutting down the car engine is also possible and no doubt will leave you in a state of absolute, helpless panic.

Of course because your new car has cameras, our evil hacker(s) would be able to see you having that heart attack realtime meanwhile, playing some eerie music to add to your plight. They could also purposely tell you via your car speakers that they have you in their power to do as they please and that you are at their mercy. What a perfect way to murder somebody isn’t it?..Buaahahahaha..ooops, just got carried away..sorry!

Naturally, these same evil people will wipe their digital tracks to prevent authorities, during their forensic investigation afterwards, finding clues to the ‘accident’. You see, the cybercriminals have that already figured out too because the Internet has already given them the right solution. It also gave them those specialized computer viruses they used to hack your car.

We know this because of the story regarding hackers, allegedly linked to Russia, that penetrated the White House, State Department, and even the Pentagon computer networks erasing all traces of their intrusion. These guys used multiple forms of encryption and secure communication channels and other advanced tricks to do this therefore, why is it too far-fetched to assume that there may be other cybercriminals that can do even better work.

It’s a scary world today which is becoming worse each time they announce some new technological ‘breakthrough’. The media will propaganize this claiming that it will ‘help’ make our lives better, more modern, more new, and more easy..don’t believe it for a minute!