Terminator Dawn Band

Terminator dawn band play incessant, rhythmic, heavy metallic, penetrating, mind-destroying sound.
Terminator Dawn Band play incessant, rhythmic, heavy metallic penetrating sound destroying human minds.

Terminator Dawn Band plays incessant, rhythmic, heavy metallic penetrating sound destroying human minds creating an alternate, alien world.

That constant pounding and throbbing momentarily interrupted by the mechanical roar of engines of war moving along with flashes of intense light created by lasers complimented by the sound of human bones being crushed into dust.

All this renders the unsuspecting victims into simple slave automations.

The two terminators depicted are a new model intelligent machine designed with the ability to play heavy metallic sound harmless to machines but lethal to humans. Their noise turns humans into mindless zombies whose numbed senses allows total machine control of them.

WW3, the dawn of the intelligent machines, began deceptively, early last century during the 1960’s when “Rock and Roll” became the rage for unsuspecting humans, the susceptible, rebellious young generations rejecting all authority.

Gradually things morphed into the heavy metal and industrial machine noise phase aided by advances in technology such as computers, WiFi, and other microwave based ‘miracle’ devices.

These technological advances helped rob both hearing and eyesight from their users allowing the devious takeover to remain unnoticed.

Fortunately, for the human race some folks endowed with critical thinking ability remained helping to start the revolution against the machines.

Survival instinct allows the fittest particularly those few endowed with critical thinking ability to save their lives while the weak, the mindless crowd perished.