Perfect Evening Crepes

Making perfect evening crepes seems what this young oriental chef is doing.
Making perfect evening crepes that is what this young oriental chef seems to be doing however, I’m just guessing.


Making perfect evening crepes that is what this young chef appears to be doing then again, I am just guessing because after all the eatery is oriental and I have no knowledge about this restaurant or its food.

A couple weeks ago while walking along Saint Catherine street heading west I happened on this scene and took a quick picture. I had been walking for bit now and approaching the old Forum now called the Pepsi Forum on the corner of Saint Catherine street and Atwater avenue where I would enter the local subway or ‘metro’ station as it is called here.

This part of Saint Catherine street has gone through quite a transformation during the last few decades and what I noticed was the beginnings of another ‘China town‘ or perhaps more correctly, ‘little Vietnam, or IndoChina. There seem to be a grouping of oriental eateries and stores, both Vietnamese and Cambodian, although more Vietnamese. They seem to start around Guy street and end just short of Atwater avenue.

Guy Street is a north-south street as is Atwater avenue located in downtown Montreal they both run at a right angle to Saint Catherine which runs east-west.