Legs Up Dead

Legs up dead flies is current image for global financial markets meltdown.
Legs up dead flies littering ground is current image for global financial markets sliding into the abyss.

Legs up dead flies littering ground is current image for global financial markets sliding into the abyss dragging their profits in with them.

The ‘hot’ market that began in the 1980’s has had its crashes on a regular basis eating up ordinary people’s retirement money while the Wall Street parasites and their confederates on the globe have made $$$ trillions.

Today, it seems that we have another “technical glitch”, nothing to worry about folks so just move along, move along there is no cause for alarm. Oh, regarding Greece heck, that’s just a minor irritation because markets had prepared for that.

Although we have all heard similar before and then carried on with life, this one is a bit different because of the number of ‘technical glitches’ that have happened and are happening everywhere almost in synchronization perhaps, they are.

The huge meltdown happening on the Chinese stock market coincides with the New York glitch which happens after word that an outfit called the “Hacking Team” raided and severely compromised because Adobe Flash’s had Zero Day flaw exploited.

Apparently, the flaw affects how Flash Player plays video files allowing the bad guys use video files to seize control of users’ computers.

This ability made scooping up the Hacking Team’s special surveillance software used by governments, intelligence agencies and police worldwide to tap into phones and computers without the user’s knowledge, easy for their own use. Moreover, the first Adobe cyber attack exposed 38 million customers’ data to the same bad guys.

The bad guys are several highly secretive, extremely well-organized, compact gangs that know their trade very well.

One of their favorite methods to get what they want called the “watering hole” approach where they infect websites likely to attract visitors, their target companies employees. Perhaps, the best-known case was a website frequented by iPhone developers.

Proof of how organized these people are is how they cover their digital tracks after committing their crimes because they use multiple proxies to disguise their site, heavy encryption for digital loot storage, and the blitzkrieg time frame for their entry and escapes to avoid detection.

These guys are not boy scouts regarding who they hit because influential big companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle have also joined the growing victim list.

“Our investigation is still ongoing and we will find out who did this..a full investigation will take some time to complete..meanwhile, folks there is no cause for alarm, don’t worry, there is nothing to see here..” say our ‘experts’.