Green Light Jack-Stay

The green light jack-stay the Guay mobile crane boom sported stretched to heaven.

The green light jack-stay the huge Guay brand mobile crane boom sports seems stretched to heaven.

The green light jack-stay of the huge mobile crane boom resting on a Saint Catherine street corner sports seems to stretch almost to heaven, well it appears to.

That Guay brand mobile crane parked at the corner of a side street running perpendicular to Saint Catherine street, had hoisted some sort of heavy load up onto the metallic-grey condo tower remained ready to do some more.

The green light just came on the moment I took my this picture giving testimony that fits the description given for my picture title.

The boom “mast” has a ‘sail’, that grey colored condo-tower, with that red-white-black sign reading””metro.velo.condo.”positioned just above the traffic lights however, unattached compared to how a real boat sail would be.