Awake Screaming No.9

“I awake screaming No. 9” sang the West Trainz troupe guitarist at the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival their “train” parked by the large TD stage.

Well there were a lot more words to their song in fact, they probably were a bit different however, I thought that those words would be pretty good for a title of this small video.

The troupe did their particular shtick (act) precisely at 5 PM each afternoon following their train route around the jazz festival site.

While slowly traversing their route they entertained multitudes of excited people milling around taking in the various free music acts available.

These guys are a class act never missing a note while performing on their mobile train providing their fans a lot fun music with a nice beat.

The busy crowd obviously were enjoying it because many  followed them around to their train stops including one called Chicago… “Toot, toot!”..all aboard next stop..