Premium Quality Only Accepted

Premium quality only accepted Canada sets global best standard.
Premium quality only accepted and desired Canada is best bar none on globe.

Premium quality only accepted and desired because Canada is the best country bar none on this troubled globe.

Although others may sneer at my first line, that is acceptable because they probably never lived in Canada or experienced how vast and beautiful it is. Canadians enjoy a standard of living and rights that many across our globe envy Canada ranks in the first tier perhaps, sets the standard in freedoms offered.

Today, Canada celebrates its one hundred forty-eighth, it seems like just yesterday it was celebrating its one hundredth heck, that is yesterday forty-eight years ago, a long time ago. Most Canadians today probably were not even born or immigrated to Canada it was an exciting time full of hope for the future something that still remains although a bit subdued because of global events since then.

Happy one hundred forty-eighth birthday CANADA, I love you dearly!