Jump Train

Jump Train” yelled Montreal Jazz Festival’s West Trainz troupe during their act to hundreds of fans enjoying their music.

The Fest was in full swing Monday with lots of great music of all types emanating from all over the site however, the West Trainz troupe were not tied down to a single place.

True to their name they were a train of small wagons driven all over playing their wonderful unique music as my short video presents.

Other groups of musicians although tied to their respective stages big or small, gave fans a wonderful time providing music from all over the globe.

We had a small jazz troupe from France providing a haunting sound, a threesome doing a pseudo Jimmy Hendrixaque rock.

Another large troupe provided a very soothing jazz bit, still another troupe with piano did classical jazz, while a bunch from Halifax performed some pseudo Klezmer mélange jazz.

These groups but skinned the surface of what was going on at the site.

There were even buskers walking about juggling balls and red hats, twirling around in large loops, others walking around on stilts, and some dressed as weird animals.

This movie is possible with a little help from archive.org for my intro music I thank them and the talented musicians creators for it.