Roy G. Biv Day

A 'Roy G. Biv' colorful day happening on Ottawa's Parliament Hill in tourist season.
‘Roy G. Biv’ day happening on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill during colorful summer tourist season.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

A ‘Roy G. Biv’ colorful day happening on Parliament Hill during Ottawa’s main tourist season, spring and summer.

It was an overcast May day (not that May Day with all the military might or militant activists marching) last year while checking out Canada’s Parliament grounds I came upon this group of tourists hanging around the (Eternal Flame) Centennial Flame.

It features the bronze shields representing each of our ten provinces and the territories. The structure made of pink granite with a bronze island in the middle with the gas port for the flame surrounded by a fountain (recycling water trapped or enclosed by the granite) reservoir. The top of the granite fountain structure sports engraved dates stating when various provinces joined Confederation. These dates bookended by two decorative roundels each, this repeated all around the fountain.

A large group of tourists flocked together listening to an Ottawa tourist guide pointing out a building, the Langvin Block, just outside the Parliament Hill grounds on the other side of Wellington Street.

A young couple were sitting on the edge of the Eternal Flame’s structure meanwhile, a young family of four sat opposite them out in front listening and talking to dad.

Another group similar to the first, stationed themselves more closer to the grounds perimeter fence to listen to another guide providing them answers about what they were viewing.

Looking at this image we can easily pick out those seven colors of the rainbow required by that this week’s photo challenge because both the people and Parliament Hill offer them all. You can also pick out variants to these base colors sprinkled all over the image.