Thinking Love

Thinking love is not easy when all three worth equal attention.
Thinking love is not easy or possible when all three are equally worth his attention.

Thinking love is not always easy or possible however, all the signs are there for the Thinker as he stares across the street to see the objects of his love.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presently has an exhibition called ‘Metamorphoses’ featuring the works of famous French sculptor-artist François-Auguste-René Rodin. His ‘Thinker’ is depicted on huge banner pasted on the large glass window pane over the front entrance of the new museum building across the street from the original.

The ‘Thinker’ image appears to be looking directly across the Sherbrooke street at three big metal sculptures, three hearts, he seems to be thinking which of the three is his true love. This is not an easy decision because they all seem equally worth his attention and favoring one would be unfair to the other two.

I took this picture last week while checking out the excitement on Crescent street during the Grand Prix weekend because I recognized that the image presented an interesting story.