Staircase to Heaven

 Staircase to Heaven found at The Chateau Apartments downtown Montreal.
Staircase to Heaven found located in downtown Montreal at The Chateau Apartments.

Staircase to Heaven found located at The Chateau Apartments on Sherbrooke street in downtown Montréal.

Is it any wonder that they would be located here heck, it’s just across the street from the Ritz Carleton Hotel where distinguished guests in town stay. It is also near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as the privately owned Dominion Art Gallery and several other lesser known galleries.

Just a full block away down south there are a multitude of stores on Saint Catherine street offering a myriad of goods and services ensuring all visitors are well taken care of.

Our Staircase to Heaven is real not some illusionary cum imaginary place as in the “Stairway to Heaven” conjured up by the popular Led Zeppelin Band for their weed smoking audience high on THC fumes euphoric from the dragged out rhythmic ebb and flow strumming of the band’s string instruments.