Walking The Dawg

Walking the "dawg"ensures strong cardiovascular system and cognitive responses.
Walking the “dawg” because it ensures your cardiovascular system and cognitive responses stay strong.

Walking the “dawg” in summer sunshine is wonderful because it is a great pastime as well as a physical and psychological benefit to both you and your dog. Dogs must be walked at least once each day to stay healthy and a side benefit to helping them you also help yourself to stay healthy. Walking around in winter is a little more tricky however, even it is good for both participants.

Getting out and walking each day ensures your cardiovascular system as well as your cognitive responses remain strong and this can also apply to your pooch plus both of you will have fun. Owning a dog is a responsibility also not only in regarding his need for exercise through your daily walk but also about your environment and city bylaws regarding rights of your fellow citizens. Your dog does what he would normally do what nature coerces him to do, your responsibility is to take care of the result. You must also ensure control of your animal and that it be within calling distance or on a leash otherwise that nice walk could be costly financially.

These two women dog walkers show responsibility walking their leashed dogs in Centenial Park in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. I took this picture a couple of years ago in late summer because I found the scene interesting.