Grand Prix Thurday

Grand Prix Thursday Montreal race fans enjoy beautiful girls and muscle cars.

Grand Prix Thursday in Montreal race fans enjoy gawking at beautiful girls and muscle cars.

Grand Prix Thursday in Montreal, a very exciting morning with lots of race fans, some say 300,000, enjoying wonderful sunshine and very comfortable temperatures.

No different from earlier years beautiful women fronted various muscle cars, accessories, and related wares exhibits and kiosks enticing passersby to visit and tryout, sample, or simply get more information.

Mobile fast food vendors were busy so were the various media booths or kiosks and the restaurants lining Crescent Street as well including adjacent streets. There was plenty of finger foods or fast meals and various liquid refreshments to satisfy the hungry or thirsty. Music provided by a professional band set up on a stage erected down the middle of the upper part of Crescent was loud emanating a steady beat which could be heard for blocks.

This stage also doubled for race organizers and affiliates to announce news and other important information to the busy crowds of people milling around and gawking at beautiful girls, trying out the free energy drinks or the virtual reality racing car games.