Rejection Vivid

Rejection vivid in his mind made Bowser skulk away from her.
Rejection vivid in his mind Bowser skulked away because she didn’t pay attention to him.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

Rejection vivid in his mind Bowser skulked away from her while she was busy playing with her electronic toy.

Bowser knew that eventually she would get off her high caused by her addiction to her cellphone  and come seeking him. Presently, she was just too busy checking her electronic mail to notice that he felt rejected, that she was not giving him her full attention as she was required to heck, that was her job.

Bowser felt down, lonely, yearning for human touch, for somebody to pet him and praise him for being such a good dog and then give him that doggy cookie. Doggie cookie hmm? Come to think of it he thought to himself, I never got that well deserved doggie treat today hmmumph..that is another valid reason to leave her. Why is that cellphone more important than giving me that doggie cookie???