Wheel Change Race

Wheel change race contestants working hard to beat the clock .
Wheel change race contestants waited the signal suddenly the race was on .

wheel change race

wheel change race

The wheel change race contestants patiently waited the signal from the guy on the mike suddenly the race was on to see who could torque the big tire retaining lug.

After a false start the two contestants were really working hard to beat the clock as those large digits quickly morphed through the numbers. And the winner was the guy working that front tire beating his challenger by a whisker or should we say a few seconds.

Thursday, June 4, 2015 was a beautiful sunny warm day however, it was not overly warm or muggy instead sort of temperate making visiting Crescent Street for the annual warm up to Montreal’s Grand Prix on Sunday a wonderful time. While things were happening here many race fans were at the Gilles Villeneuve Race Track getting a free opportunity to see the awesome race cars closeup. They had about half a day till noon for this freebie, I chose Crescent Street instead to wander around see interesting things and take many photos.